Your new home in Amsterdam
Purchase it with confidence, insight, and a good feeling

The Amsterdam housing market is one of a kind. I am Marthe Beusekamp and I know this market through and through. I am eager to help you purchase the home that meets all of your wishes.

Purchase with confidence
In an overheated market it may be tricky to determine what your best purchasing options are - considering your finances,your plans, and your wishes. It helps to have someone by your side that will use their experience and extensive network to your benefit. A real estate agent that works fast and supports you in every step - for a fixed, transparent price. This will make you feel confident when placing your final signature.

Purchase with insight
It requires an expert’s eye to thoroughly understand property documentation. I know which strengths and weaknesses to look for, what history to take into account, and what you can expect from a home for a realistic price. With fifteen years of experience as a real estate agent in Amsterdam, I know every neighborhood, every construction period, and I am familiar with the laws and regulations throughout the years.

Purchase with a good feeling
Often, upon entering a home, you will know: this is the one. That is precisely the moment to leave the paperwork and further research to me. This ensures your mind remains open to new impressions and allows you to focus on the future. I help you to make a well informed decision. You can also be sure that I will inform you if I think you could make a different or better choice.

And then: renovation support
Sometimes the home will be immediately perfect. Other times, the house may need some work to truly make it your home. I am happy to support you in the renovation process as well. My extensive knowledge of remodeling, adapting, and designing comes in handy when you are unsure where to start - or when you don’t have the time or energy to manage the renovation process. I know the professionals and the methods that guarantee an excellent result.

Get in touch with me
Regardless of the price range or neighbourhood in which you are looking to buy, purchasing a new home is an intensive process. Send me a message and I will contact you to discuss how I may be of assistance to you.

About Marthe Beusekamp
•    Born in the Prinsengracht Hospital
•    Raised in the Roelof Hartstraat
•    Respectful, and dedicated to her work (and an excellent drum player)
•    Returned to Amsterdam after several years in Germany
•    Explores the city while running
•    Lives in ‘the Pijp’ with her wife and daughters


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